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Extra, Extra

By Tankboy in News on Oct 3, 2007 12:30AM


What's the only thing more sketchy-ass than Chicago's city hiring? The folks fighting over the money for the victims of said rigged system. We're pretty sure we were denied a job too ... now give us a cut of that $12 million!

And we used to just be scared our own vibrating toys would rouse suspicion. (It's a scalp massage, honest!) Now airport screeners think that remote controls for toys are under suspicion as being possible detonation triggers for bombs? The Kon Tiki mode of transport is looking better and better to us for overseas trips.

Do you think the justices wore pasties? Did strippers take the stand? "Chicago’s long-running constitutional battle against mixing alcohol and semi-nude dancing came to a successful end for the city Monday in the U.S. Supreme Court."

2006: Wheaton Police Officer of the Year.
2007: 2006 Wheaton Police Officer of the Year accused of stealing DVDs from Costco.

city of chicago lets play by moises martinez.