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Search Results for Rosey Goat Cheese

By Caroline Clough in Food on Oct 2, 2007 8:30PM

2007_10_2.cheese.jpgA few weeks back we wrote about our search for a certain Rosey Goat Cheese. Many readers wrote in with information about other places we could look, other cheeses that might fit the bill, and complaints about the commenting system. We were happy to get such a response, even if it didn't actually lead to a purchase of the product in question. We figured readers had given us, and each other, a fair number of second options that the search could be counted as a success ... or at least not a failure.

But then, last week, we received an email from a spokesman at Fromartharie Incorporated (the supplier of the cheese) with some serious good news: Because of the response to the post midwestern Costcos have ordered the cheese for their stores! The first shipment of the product started winging its way to us last week, so if you have a membership to Costco (or a friend with a membership) you should get yourself there, stat! According to Fromartharie, the Naperville, Glen View, Lincoln Park, Niles and Oak Brook Costco locations will all have Rosey Goat Cheese. You can slice it up any way you want. And, if you're interested, you could make cheesy potatoes like we did.