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Tonight Is the Big Night

By Laura Oppenheimer in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 3, 2007 12:14PM

There are two big happenings tonight in Chicago. One involves Chicagoist's mild obsession, Top Chef, whose finale will be shot live tonight at an undisclosed location. (We'll be live-blogging it.) The other involves one of our esteemed city's baseball clubs ... you've heard of them, right?

2007_10_salsa.gifBut since food and sports are both on the mind right now, we would be remiss in not mentioning the culinary wager made between Daley and Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. We've previously discussed the merits of these sports-related wagers, and though we sort of think they are bullshit — why wager food when a city's reputation in manly sports is on the line! — we appreciate the lesson in regional cuisine (aka why Chicagoist won't be moving to Phoenix anytime soon).

2007_10_hotdog.jpgTo recap, Daley will send Gordon the usual assortment of hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, and nuts. We really hope the Cubs finish on top, if for no other reason than we can't imagine Daley eating Gordon's prize pack: prickly pear jelly, "Ass Kickin' Salsa,” rattlesnake poop and tequila suckers are just a few of the delicacies being wagered.

If you happen to be part of the population that doesn't have cable for tonight's game, the game will, of course, be broadcast across the city (no word if any bars will also be showing Top Chef). The Trib has a handy guide for the strong-livered; if you want to do a bar per inning, they've got you covered.

Images via Gourmet Mike's and Vienna Beef.