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Geeks vs. Jocks, On a Larger Scale

By Shannon in News on Oct 5, 2007 6:10PM

near west little league home stadiumIt almost plays like a plot from a trifling summer movie: The Illinois Medical District wants to build a new biotech building on the Near West Side. The kicker is, they want to build it in the same spot as a current Little League baseball field. In a letter dated Sept. 25, Medical District counsel states that the Chicago Park District must remove all improvements from Livingston Park, at Lexington and Leavitt, so that construction can begin. Those improvements include lights, seating, sprinklers, sculptures, and a memorial to former coaches killed on 9/11.

Park District officials are railing against the uprooting of $200,000 worth of work and say they’ve found no desirable field alternatives yet. Tough titties, says the Med District, claiming League officials knew they were living on borrowed time. Da Mare has come out on the side of the League, which is in line with his Children’s Museum rants, but not with his Chicago bottom dollar; a big reason for the biotech center is that it should entice similar businesses to come here.

There’s only one way to settle this: A baseball game. Scientists versus preteens. Whoever’s got the most moxie wins.

Image courtesy of Michael DaKidd.