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Reality Check

By Peter Mavrik in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 5, 2007 9:43PM

We've been thinking about reality television a lot these past few weeks. It occurred to us that we should keep tabs on our Chicago folks slaving away in front of reality cameras non-stop to bring us endless hours of mind-numbingly tasty television. With that, Reality Check was born.

America's Next Top Model

2007_09_topmodel1.jpgThis week on ANTM the girls learned to walk. Ms. Jay showed up in a very Ellie Driver–meets–Alice In Wonderland outfit that was far more interesting than the group of clod-hopping wannabe models. Salesha rocked the runway however, and Ms. Jay gave her props for it.

The challenge was walking in a Colleen Quen "couture" runway show, called by Roy Campbell who you might remember from the prom fashion show last season. Our Chicago girl Ebony, who nearly lost last week, clipped one of the girls as she passed her on the 'walk. It looked intentional to us, but Ebony feigned innocence. How did we miss her stick arms during the last episode? Eww. Anyway, Salesha won the challenge and will walk for Quen in her Paris show in the future. Oooh la-la!

The photo shoot featured the girls as rock climbers in couture clothing. Because really, everyone should wear a D&G gown while scaling the side of a mountain. Ebony looked fantastic during the shoot but turned out a weak photograph. She narrowly escaped being in the bottom two, which were the über bitch Bianca and Kimberly. Kimberly packed her bags, which we knew was going to happen, and the stage is set for next week's magic makeovers.

The Bachelor

2007_09_realitycheckkristy.jpg While we aren't keeping a terribly close eye on The Bachelor this go 'round as we once did, we have been watching the moves of the remaining Chicago contestant Kristy. She sticks sharp things in people for a living as an acupuncturist.

With Juli and Susan, from Chicago and St. Charles, out of the running in episode one (ouch, that stings) we have a glimmer of hope that Kristy will sink her needles of love into Brad Womack, the handsome and successful owner of four bars that can't find a wife. Except maybe on TV.

Top Chef

2007_09_realitycheckdale.jpgWe already live-blogged the Top Chef finale, but just to round out this weeks' Reality Check, we saw the depart of Dale Levitski, who kind of stole our hearts with that lamb in duck fat recipe. But no matter, the buzz around town is that his restaurant will be opening soon enough, and we'll get to enjoy his food.

Did we skip your favorite Chicago reality star this week? Email and we'll include 'em next week.

Images from of ABC, The CW, and Bravo