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Rally Monkey

By Chuck Sudo in Miscellaneous on Oct 6, 2007 3:25PM


As the Cubs prepare for the win-or-go-home scenario facing them in Game 3 of their divisional playoff series with the Diamondbacks this evening, we wanted to share the photo above with you all (via Deadspin).

The story behind how the sunburned lass in the photo acquired the baseball in her hand involves Cubs closer Ryan Dempster and some mouthy fans in the stands. You really should do yourselves a favor and read it; for us it was the perfect nightcap. Some notable tidbits from the story:

- Fantasy baseball has given fans even more inane reasons to rag on players, because performing bad on the field wasn't enough.
- Dempster has a fantasy baseball team called "the Taints."
- The lass asked for the ball in that cloying, whiny way cute girls do.
- Dempster but signed the ball with an indecent proposal to the girl.

This isn't the first time we've heard of Cubs pitchers macking on women in the stands. Back in '99 we were in the Bullpen Sports Bar at Comiskey Park when we saw Terry Adams trying to score with two girls in the bleachers while warming up to relieve Steve Traschel. So you Cubs fans take note of this and, if you see a pitcher doing anything except keeping his head in the game, let 'em have it.

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