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E2, Egads

By Tankboy in News on Oct 11, 2007 10:05PM

The crime fighting duo of Dwain Kyles and Calvin Hollins Jr. — but you probably know them better as the proprietors of the E2 nightclub where a deadly stampede took place 4 years ago — are claiming the cops robbed them of their money. And booze.

According to the Trib:

"Everything inside that was of value disappeared," Edward Grasse, attorney for the club owners, said Wednesday in an interview.

Police guarded the club on a daily basis and reported no break-ins or thefts, Grasse said.

"That leads me to the one and only inescapable conclusion," Grasse said. "The people who were in control -- the city, the police -- took it."

They claim that, within a year, $45,000 worth of liquor in the joint, and just about $65,000 in cash, went "poof!" and disappeared. O.K., as nutty as it is to try and blame the cops for disappearing evidence, here's the really nutty part: they're not filing suit over it. Instead they merely want to call the police malfeasance brought to the court's attention. What fine community watchdogs!

What made us nose our milk when we read the story, though, is their assumption that whoever was "in control" should be held accountable for their losses. Last time we checked, they were "in control" of the club at the time of the disaster, yet they've spent the last 4 years trying to dodge any responsibility for that.