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CTA Cuts Mean Dire Consequences for Students

By Shannon in News on Oct 17, 2007 8:29PM

school childrenWe’ve had the CTA’s multiple doomsday plans hammered into our heads for months now. The implications are staggering for work and for play. But what about school? Those who attend Steinmetz High School on the Northwest Side are a good example of how Springfield’s lack of funding could have a deeper impact on our social fabric.

Steinmetz students are complaining that circumlocutional routes could take them into gang territory. Longer waits for fewer buses, and more kids from various schools taking the same bus, might also mean more opportunity for fights. Another concern is reduced transit for kids who stay late for after-school programs. Talks have begun between CPD and CPS about increased police detail and added shuttles (and the city will get money for this where?). Of course, none of this means dink if the CTA gets their money. Hubie & Co. can add these situations to their negotiatory firepower; otherwise, Blago will run the risk of being exposed for hating children.

Image via loop_oh.