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Extra, Extra

By Margaret Lyons in News on Oct 18, 2007 12:06AM

Blago and Mrs. Blago raked in $267,490 last year — $19,000 less than the year before. Still, that's about six times the median household income for Illinois.

Todd Stroger told the Trib he'd "make the hard decisions," when it comes to his insane budget. Hard decisions like trying to raise the sales tax in Chicago to 11 percent.

Speaking of people who want more of your money, ComEd wants to raise prices, too.

And as long as we're on money-taking, Daley might privatize the City's parking meters.

Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee, including the Department of Defense, who assured the company that it's not the target of an investigation.

The Chicago Police Department is out $4 million after a federal jury ruled in Coprez Coffie's favor this week. Coffie sued the CPD and the City after police allegedly sodomized him with a screwdriver during a drug arrest.

Almost 900 Illinois public schools — about 24 percent — failed to meet No Child Left Behind standards. And even more would have failed had the state not made the tests easier.

Starting January 1, healthcare workers will be required to offer pregnant women and new mothers a voluntary screening test for depression.

Does this mean we can officially declare the skulls trend over? U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents found two human skulls coming into O'Hare in a package going from China to Michigan.

"Jarvis Urinial, I Mean Station" (ha!) by Slowerthanstop.