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99 Problems But Islam Ain't One

By Jess D'Amico in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 17, 2007 7:50PM

2007_10_the99.jpgWhile some comic books still strive stylistically for the muscled-up, spandex-wearing men and women of comics' heyday, the image of heroes is beginning to change—in lots of ways.

Starting today, in a few comic stores around Chicago (like Graham Cracker Comics), you can pick up copies of The 99, a comic book whose characters embody the 99 attributes of Allah. Already pretty popular overseas, The 99 still follows mainstream comics in the sense that the none of the characters are overtly religious, but their actions and morals are closer to Islam than the more Christian Spider Man, per se.

The story centers around 99 gemstones, the Noor Stones, which together contain the sum of knowledge and the light of reason. Scattered all over the world hundreds of years ago, the stones have been unearthed and react with certain people, giving them super powers.

Can't get enough religion/comics talk? Who can? You can also download The 99's origins issue for free.