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Tomorrow Is Bring Your Steel Umbrella To Work Day

By Alicia Dorr in News on Oct 17, 2007 6:49PM

2007_10_17.storm.jpgA ridiculously severe storm may be heading our way. A low pressure system is moving over the Plains like it owns the place, and with the "air [being] drawn aloft" strengthening southerly winds, we're looking at one hell of a storm system in our area on Thursday. Severe weather of the regular kind (high winds, heavy rains) could be coupled with severe weather of the not-so-regular kind (tornadoes, armageddon-like hail). What makes this extra-special? Autumn tornadoes are quite rare in the Midwest; Tom Skilling says only 12 percent of twisters and severe thunderstorms since 1950 have been during the fall.

So get your rainboots ready and prep whatever doomsday-preparedness kit you travel with. Also, brush up on your tornado safety, depicted in this hilarious infographic. We're not even bothering to bring an umbrella to work tomorrow, since ours always turn inside out when faced with a stiff breeze.

"thunderbolts and lightning" very very frightening by wvallen