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Bulls Looking for a New Home?

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Oct 23, 2007 12:46PM

sports_bulls_logo.jpgNo, the Bulls aren't looking to flee Chicago, or even the United Center for that matter. But they might be hunting for a new radio station to broadcast their games.

After their previous radio deal with WMVP (1000 AM) ran out, they were unable to sell the rights for anything close to the $3 million annually the long-term deal had paid. Guess they just weren't as hot without MJ. The Bulls chose to self-produce their games, buying airtime on WCKG (105.9 FM) to broadcast their games and selling the ad spots in-house.

This seemed to be the right call in terms of maximizing profits from radio, but it leaves the Bulls in a bind as the season approaches, should WCKG change formats to a Spanish-language station.

While the Bulls would likely return to the AM dial, the exact location isn't apparent. Many of the likely stations have pre-existing deals with local college basketball teams and WSCR (670 AM) airs Blackhawks games. Could they end up back at WMVP? Since the Bulls jumped, they have no regular evening broadcasts for local teams.

And where would Steve Dahl land if "The Package" went Spanish? Anybody know?