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Discover the Zen of Zombie

By Jess D'Amico in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 26, 2007 2:40PM

2007_10_zombie_small.JPGTired of self help books always letting you down? Telling you that actually, the problem is you, and you need to change? Want to just let it all go and experience real change?

Now you can! Thanks to Scott Kenemore, author of The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead, you too can experience the carefree ways the zombie has embraced for centuries.

We had a beer with Kenemore to discuss the art of zombification in the pre-dawn hours. Kenemore, whose favorite zombie movie is the original Dawn of the Dead (but also mentions Joe Dante's Masters of Horror film, Homecoming, as well), says to remember that zombies are "like pawns in a chess game -- greater than the sum of their parts. [In that respect] I find zombies quite charming," he says.

Kenemore told us ZoZ was inspired by three things: his love of zombies movies, a college pastime, and his hate for self help books, foisted on him at an early age.

While we were thrilled with the book, we don't recommend reading it cover to cover in one sitting. ZoZ is best appreciated in small doses, perhaps breaking it down to "successful zombie habit" a day doses. Habit 24, "Digging a Grave? You've Got It Made!" is our favorite bit.

Lastly, Kenemore reminds us to stop and smell the brains and that, "Zen of zombie is a way of being which is a being of waying."

Kenemore will be signing books tomorrow, Oct 27, at 3 p.m. Barnes and Noble located at 1441 W. Webster. Zombie attire is strongly encouraged, though not required.