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Monday Missed Connections: Halloween Edition

By Sarah Dahnke in Miscellaneous on Oct 29, 2007 8:55PM

If your weekend was anything like ours, you donned some crazy garb and drank until you blacked out, all in the name of Halloween. Some of us out there had near misses with costumed cuties, and others just wished for love in a Freddy Krueger costume. This week we scanned Craigslist for the creepiest Halloween-related Missed Connections and found that dressing up makes those posting ads a little more crazypants than usual.


2007_10_29.mmc.jpgYou’re tall, bearded AND you want to push a girl in the mud? Swoon.

Of all the “sexy” costumes one can create … sexy Little Bo Peep, sexy Care Bear, sexy Osama bin Laden … “Sexy Freddy Krueger” is one that we never conceived but really fucking wish we did.

It takes a certain level of crazy to even interpret this post.

"i know you are categorically against every kind of holocaust. i know this about you. think of my ancestors and dress in a costume that says, “the nonsense stops with my furry paws/feathery headdress.” if you don’t like reality television you are going to love the downfall of corporate america."

This is really the best way to go about posting a Missed Connection. Make sure you take lots of photos of your object of affection. Then don't ask for her number. Instead, post it all on the Internet for the world to see. Good luck, girl dressed as a Mexican wrestler and guy dressed as a jogger!

We all know that nothing is free at Whole Foods. That's why hot girls have to resort to stealing pumpkins, like the young woman spotted in this post.

"wanna read about feminist theology? we can hang out with lenny the cat!"

All of this, and Halloween hasn’t even happened yet.

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