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CTA Losing Respect? Whoda Thunk It?

By Shannon in News on Nov 6, 2007 12:20AM

hot messDespite fending off service cuts and rate hikes by the skin of their teeth on Sunday, the CTA’s still got probs. Much probs. Not only will there most likely be another huge doomsday come January, the mass transit company has taken a hit in the public image department with their on-again, off-again crying of wolf. Newish president Ron Huberman openly admits to the CTA’s lack of credibility, what with the cycles and the bailouts and the inability of our state government to get their collective shit together:

"My worst fear about the Band-Aid funding is that people will not believe we continue to be in a bad fiscal position that forces us to cut service and raise fares."

Say it with us now: Wah, wah, wah! Keep taking the quick fix and you know what you get in the end? A deeper hole, an angry ridership and more time for G-Rod and Mike Madigan to plan their cage match. We know you’re in a fix, Hubie. It’s everywhere we look. And believe us, we want to help. What gets our goat is your caving to the measly handouts that the General Assembly dole out like so much loose change. Please, stick by your “no Band-Aids” propaganda. A little pain now will avoid a world of hurt later.

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