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Does The Numa Numa Guy Ride the CTA?

By Benjy Lipsman in Miscellaneous on Nov 5, 2007 8:45PM


Did anybody else notice the photo headlining the Chicago Tribune's website on Saturday, filling us in on the latest deal to stave off "Doomsday" for the time being? We instantly thought, "Hey, isn't that the Numa Numa Guy?!"

2007_11_05.numazoom1.jpg2007_11_05.numazoom2.jpgHere in the Chicagoist offices, we know all too well that Internet notoriety does not always equal chauffeured limos and Lear jets. So was that the Numa Numa Guy chillin' on one of Chicago's buses? Gary Brolsma's Wikipedia bio says he lives in New Jersey, so has he traded in Gothamist for Chicagoist?

Or does one of our fellow Chicagoans simply resemble the guy who created a web meme by acting like a damn fool in front of his web cam?