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One Great Sandwich: Hannah's Bretzel's Sergio Special

By Louis in Food on Nov 7, 2007 5:00PM

110707_Sergio.jpgThere is ham, and then there is French Madrange Ham. There is cheese, and then there is Swiss Gruyère. There is bread, and then there is organic Bretzel Bread. Which brings us to Hannah's Bretzel. Hannah's has a lot of things going for it before you take the first bite. The local sandwich shop features a green retail space, a wall of exotic chocolates, and a friendly staff, but the Sergio Special is where it's at.

We have tried most of the sandwiches, but the Sergio is the one that remains our favorite. A bit of sweet mango chutney is spread on Hannah's signature pretzel bread. The aforementioned ham is freshly sliced and topped with Gruyère cheese. The sandwich is topped with jalapeños and avocado, and to finish it off we request a bit of green with some lettuce and sprouts. The sandwich is a beautiful balance of sweet and salty with a bit of spice from the jalapeños. You can get other sandwiches on the menu that feature the same ham and cheese, but since we get excited at the mere mention of avocados and peppers, why would we short change ourselves?

Speaking of change, Hannah's probably isn't an everyday affair. Pair the sandwich with a organic soda (preferably Steaz Lemon Dew) and maybe a bar of chocolate, and lunch gets pretty pricey. Luckily a choice of chips or soy nuts come with the sandwich. Hannah's can get crowded around lunch, but with the new location on Michigan Avenue, they are trying to spread the organic wealth.

Hannah's Bretzel is located at 233 N. Michigan and 180 W. Washington.