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Tomorrow's Headline: Peapod Sales Spike to Under 21s

By Louis in News on Nov 7, 2007 6:25PM

110707_Peapod.jpgToday's Headline: Peapod Caught Delivering Alcohol to Teens. We don't want to say anything to besmirch Peapod's good name — if it weren't for their timely deliveries, there is no telling what we would be attempting to eat out of our fridge. However, it seems like our favorite grocery folk been delivering alcohol to teens without checking for ID.

We noticed the first time we ordered alcohol from Peapod that there was no online measure to check your age. Not even a page to certify that you are over 21. So we assumed we would get carded when the alcohol was delivered, but that has never happened in the years we have been getting groceries from Peapod. Maybe it is that we are getting older, but we still get carded almost everywhere else.

NBC 5 did a little research and found that this happened in 4 of the 5 deliveries they had set up for minors. In only one occasion did the driver ask for ID and then take the alcohol away.

Hopefully this revelation only tightens Peapod's policies and doesn't do away with alcohol delivery altogether. We are already well on our way to being alcoholic shut-ins and can't stop now.