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Monday Missed Connections: Turf Wars

By Sarah Dahnke in Miscellaneous on Nov 13, 2007 1:00AM

This week Missed Connections entered a big of a segregation war, with a few groups banding together to try and prove that more MCs happen in their respective neighborhoods than any other. (Let Chicagoist give you all a little tip: if your locale is full of arty, emotional, sexually fueled 20-somethings, more connections are made rather than missed. Trust us.)

Either way, Wicker Park residents not only want to prove that they're the hot spot for all MCs, but this person is urging everyone who lives in the 60622 to post a little something for the rest of the 'hood to see:

Lets show CListers what neighborhood really has it--wicker park. Make it a point to scope the bars/houseparty/club/flashtaco and give someone a treat--a missed connection! Everyone loves them, and Wicker Park should be at top of the neighboorhood list. Let's doooo it.

Not to be topped, School of the Art Institute students posted a bevy of MCs, attempting to prove that people are making eyes at each other all day, every day at the downtown art school, as if that's something to brag about:

indeed hott girls, hott boys, hott teachers. Ive had the pleasure of makeout time with them all. god bless um. btw I went to columbia.

Despite the pseudo neighborhood wars, people were still going crazytown out there. This not-so-missed connection with a golden shower acts as evidence:

Thanks for the impromptu Golden Shower at 5:56 this morning. Much obliged. To re-cap, that was a pool of your own urine you woke up in. XOXOXOXO

We don't care if this MC is fake or not. The force that must be created when two mini vans, both playing Def Leppard on satellite radio, meet on a suburban highway is enough to cure AIDS. We know it.

Subject: Pour some sugar on me.....
Body: I seen you were trying to hide your smile as you were enjoying our give and take. Since I know we share the same 80's musical tastes, and we are in the same age range, I hope you read these.

2007_11_12_twistermc.jpgWe only wish we were 19, so there could be a remote chance this MC was about us:

I am just a Bill Paxton looking for my Helen Hunt and some awkward sexual tension between us..... Note: please don't respond if you actually look like Helen Hunt

Are you a Bill looking for a Ted? An emotionally unavailable Zach Braff watching an overly emotional female from afar? Post it on Craigslist, then email