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Today's Obligatory Drew Peterson Post

By Margaret Lyons in News on Nov 19, 2007 4:59PM

2007_11_19.peterson.jpgIt's all Peterson, all the time these days. Drew Peterson was on the Today show again this morning, this time with his lawyer, who effectively prevented Peterson from saying anything of substance (couldn't prevent him from looking creepy, though). Last night, Peterson invited ABC 7 reporter Sarah Schulte into his house, and Wife #1 was on Good Morning America today, too.

Really taking the cake, though, is the Sun-Times. They've rolled out a whole Stacy Peterson section, complete with a tasteful black-and-white banner image.

The coverage has obviously reached a fever pitch, but leave it to Neil Steinberg to bring a whole new level of craycray on Stacy Peterson's disappearance. He writes today, "My unfiltered reaction — and believe me I hate saying this — was, gosh, if you're 53, and your wife is 30 years younger than you, why would you WANT to murder her?" Because he totally understands wanting to murder a dried up old hag, but as long as she's young and pretty — and willing to bed an old dude! — she still has purpose in this world. Nice, Neil.