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Monday Missed Connections: A Quiet Week

By Sarah Dahnke in Miscellaneous on Nov 19, 2007 6:00PM

We're not sure if people are starting to come down with SAD already or what, but this week's Missed Connections were less outrageous than normal. Even so, there are a few people out there willing to put it all out there in the name of ... love?

We begin with a simple reminder: Don't put your photo in your MC post. It is creepy beyond belief. Pair it with this text, and you're basically begging for a restraining order:


Sometimes you read such a sweet MC that it melts your heart. Like this guy, who has been watching the cute student in his building and hoping to get a cup of coffee with her. But he's apparently posted about her before:

the last time i posted about you some guy emailed me, i hope he wasn't a fwb, those guys are trash and will give you an std, it'll be hard to find a decent man after that....

2007_11_19_plaidshirt.jpgWe also learned something this week. According to MCs, Old Navy is the place to go for hot girl on girl action. Who knew?

Just moved to Chicago from Arkansas. There is not only this "missed connections" weirdo list, but also a lesbo brewhaha stirrin up at the local Old Navy. Just like home. Probably in the boys section too. Rad.

It makes us feel all fuzzy inside to read this MC, and we hope that by posting it, this thrifty man will find his lady with the awesome hair:

later you handed me a flannel shirt and said , 'this would look good on you'. i got so excited and i wanted to grab you and fly to the moon with you!!

And we end today on this note, written by a true philosopher of our time:

why are these all so vague? some of these posts don't even seem like they want to make the connection they already missed. or the descriptions that are given are so basic a ton of people fit the bill. am I the only one that really hopes two people will really connect?

No, you're not.

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