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Things Are Looking Up...

By Margaret Lyons in Miscellaneous on Nov 20, 2007 10:41PM

Okay, we had so much fun with yesterday's things that were awesome, we figured we'd bust out another list for today. Plus there's a boatload of terrific stuff. Today in awesome:

2007_11_20.awesomemap.jpgWe were going to save this for our annual gift guide, but we couldn't wait. That ridiculously cool maps on the left is from Chicago's own Jenny Beorkrem. Typographic illustration + Chicago maps = time for new pants.

We can't stop listening to local outfit Five Foot Nine's "Back to the Tunnels." Extra awesome? Free download!

U of C econ professor Allen Sanderson's thoughts on performance enhancement in today's Trib are pretty interesting, but this part really caught our eye: "...Japanese baseball trading cards also list the player's blood type. O (the "warrior" class) is thought to be a good indicator of character and personality traits; most Japanese players in Major League Baseball have type O blood." Who knew?

Quizmaster Dave Ahrens at the Globe Pub is pulling out all the stops with a Family Guy round in tonight's pub quiz. (Dave's quizzes are a fave among Chicagoist staffers.) The fun starts at 8, but get there early to grab a table.

Flickr has unveiled its new functionality: Places. This is Chicago's page. Pretty and useful.

Wow, just when we thought the Drew Peterson story well was dry, this separated at birth joke comes along. Heh.

Coudal Partners has a new logic puzzle contest, and it is, as usual, a doozy. Man, there are a lot of kinds of logic puzzles, which on the internet is a synonym for "man, I just lost several hours of my life to this." You're welcome.