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Baby-on-Board Review: Suzi's Tea and Cafe

By Elizabeth Shapiro in Food on Nov 21, 2007 6:22PM

With the new damp chill in the air, we’ve found ourselves craving a cup of hot tea. With a baby on our hip, however, we’ve been less excited about something dressy at the Drake and more nostalgic for sweats in Grandma’s kitchen. Enter Suzi’s Tea and Cafe.

2007_11_SuziTea.jpgThis former Lakeview resident is back after a few years’ hiatus in Long Grove. Occupying the former location of Las Tablas on Lincoln, the owners have remade this space into a sparse yet friendly storefront eatery that is serious about their teas. But would this (or, really, any) tea shop truly be kid-friendly? We had our doubts as we struggled through Suzi’s doors, and envisioned our toddler breaking his stroller restraints and smashing their teapots in a Hulk-like display. Once inside, our hesitations lessened. There was plenty of space to maneuver away from breakables, and the proprietor, a mother herself, made sure our orders arrived quickly.

Suzi’s offers an overwhelming assortment of teas. Their list of over 150 options includes traditional favorites like English Breakfast and a staggering array of flavors from Cherry Candycane and Raspberry Early Grey to Creamy Vanilla Coconut. There is even a section for “children’s teas” that includes a rootbeer flavored variety. Our favorite kid-friendly touch was the tea presentation itself. Instead of the fancy pots and trays of other tea services, Suzi’s was brewed in a simple mug that was easy to slide away from our reaching arms.

Their sandwich, soup and salad lunch menu has no kids’ section but offers many choices our kid would inhale, including two types of grilled cheese. Sandwiches range from their simple grilled cheese at $4.95 to a duck reuben at a hefty $10.95; salads range from about $6 to $9. We’ll be back to check Suzi’s for their weekend breakfast specials. Oatmeal creme brulee, anyone?

Suzi's is located at 2965 N. Lincoln in Lakeview. Call 773-895-7408 for hours.