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Setting Female DJs About 10 Decades Back

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 21, 2007 7:09PM

The video below should infuriate you. And it should bug the hell out of any female DJ trying to be taken seriously today. DJ Colette -- whom we remember stinking up the joint back when she got her start at Liquid Kitty (at least we THINK that was the first bar stupid enough to let her behind the decks) -- is one of those vain, semi-talented knob-twiddlers that wouldn't garner any attention if she wasn't wearing tight tops while keeping regular appointments at her local salon to keep her roots uniformly colored.

Man, do we sound bitchy or what? Before we continue, though,watch this video and tell us you don't agree.

Are you done throwing up in your mouth? Good.

Listen, there are plenty of hot girl DJs out there with oodles of talent. We've gotten down to the grooves of folks like Chess Hubbard, Erica from OFFICE, and whoever that awesome DJ at The Burlington last night was, and we weren't dancing just because the ladies behind the decks were lookers. We danced because the DJs put in hard hours getting their shit together, and secured gigs through mixtapes, not head shots.

And any DJ that has to just "push through" a set should hang up their needles (or iPods or laptops or CDs or 8-tracks) and let someone else take over.