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Commissioners Gone Wild

By Margaret Lyons in News on Nov 28, 2007 9:15PM

The Board meeting we went to a few weeks ago was excruciatingly boring, but some parts got cattier than a sorority house during period week. Looks like that was the theme yesterday, too, when things really got ugly at and after the meeting, with Bill Beavers leading the charge. But he wasn't the only one--lots of people got in on the action.

2007_11_28.peraica.jpgLiz Gorman on Tony Peraica: "loser," "pathetic, pathological liar," "abusive weasel," "no man," "ineffective leader," who has "no substance."

Tony Peraica on Liz Gorman: "no self-respect," "no dignity"

Todd Stroger on the Commissioners: "They're all afraid."

Bill Beavers on Tony Peraica: "I knew him when he was a young man, when he was over there in Bridgeport beating up black folks."

Joseph Moreno to Tony Peraica: "You are a jerk."

Forrest Claypool on Bill Beavers's comments: "That is silly."

Tony Peracia on Todd Stroger: "Todd Stroger's credibility -- which has nothing to do with race -- is at a low ebb"

According to the Daily Herald, "the battles were nearly over when the arguing turned to a sophomoric joke about oral sex." Well, sort of. Jim Clark, chief of staff for Commissioner Timothy Schneider, says it was more like sophomoric laughing at an innocent comment. According to Clark, Beavers said Gene Moore got "down on his knees and begged" for the deal struck between Moore, Schneider and Silvestri, and Schneider said "something like 'nobody got down on their knees in front of me.'" And then all the commissioners laughed like a bunch of seventh graders. "There was a lot of tension throughout the meeting," Clark says.

Compiled from Daily Herald, the Trib, and the Sun-Times.

Tony Peraica picture cropped from this freaking fantastic shot from his website