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One Great Sandwich: Freddie's Breaded Steak

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Nov 28, 2007 5:00PM


Bridgeport's treated us well. As we've written numerous times both here and elsewhere, the neighborhood grew on us. When we first moved out south eight years ago we never would have thought that we'd have lived here as long as we have; we just thought of Bridgeport as a stop-gap to moving back to the north side. Now it seems like others are clued in to what we knew long ago: this neighborhood rocks. One of the many reasons is its propensity for cheap eats. Freddie's Pizza and Pasta has long been one of our favorites, but not for their pizza. Their breaded steak is one of the best deals in the city. It's not the best breaded steak in the neighborhood (that honor would go to Uncle Johnny's) but it's definitely the largest, and tasty. Twelve inches long and thicker than one of Mark Prior's oft-injured calf muscles, we can't hold this monstrosity with one hand even after it's been cut in half. We've long contended that if Elvis had discovered the breaded steak sandwich, it would have died five years earlier than he did.

2007_11_sammich2.jpgWe've ordered it the same way since we first discovered it: topped with red sauce, mozzarella cheese, and liberal spoonfuls of hot giardiniera relish. Paired with a "small" order of French fries, and it's an eleven-dollar meal that can last you for at least three days, if you pick at your food. Freddie's breaded steak sandwich is a case study in mortal sin. If you purchase and then eat the breaded steak in one sitting, you're immediately committing the deadly sins of greed, lust, pride, gluttony, and sloth (from the inevitable food coma). It makes one wonder if the neighborhood Catholic churches are colluding with Freddie's in order to keep the confessionals and pews filled. Over the years, as eaters have become more aware of portion control, Freddie's has started to offer a "baby" breaded steak that's still ridiculously huge. If you're gonna dive into a pool, dive in the deep end and try on the regular breaded steak for size.

Head down to Freddie's Pizza and Pasta and try the breaded steak for yourself. Freddie's is located at 701 W. 31st St. Their hours of operation are 11 a.m.-midnight, Sunday through Thursday; 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday. You can call in your order by dialing 312-808-0147.