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CTA Funding Bill, Blagojevich Popularity Tank

By Margaret Lyons in News on Nov 29, 2007 8:10PM


Transit funding has stalled yet again, this time with the added bonus of absurdity: Blagojevich wasn't even in Springfield during the special session vote. No, he was at the Blackhawks game.

The vote was 57-53 in favor of the moving gasoline money around plan--except the bill needed 71 votes to pass. And even if it had passed, Emil Jones had said it would die in the senate. So what we're looking at is a Failure Parade down Bullshit Street in Bad Leadershipville. Also known as "Illinois."

The bill failed to garner enough votes because "many downstate lawmakers refuse to help without a companion deal on billions of dollars of road, school and government construction projects statewide." Mike Madigan adjured today's special session early but told everyone to watch out for the Bat Signal because they may be called back, again, for another special session. Again.

This isn't the only bad news for Blago this week. (Year? Day? Whenever.) CBS2's Mike Flannery filed a massive bitchslap of a story called "Exposing Blagojevich," which details the Governors many, many...let's call 'em eccentricities. He only talks to reporters two or three times a month. He often works from home, which apparently pisses everyone else off.


CBS 2 watched for several days over three weeks, repeatedly finding the governor at home during normal business hours but with no one other than family coming and going.

At 11 a.m. on a sunny Wednesday, with a mass transit "doomsday" just four days away, Blagojevich, dressed casually, appeared to be working from home as the crisis was building.

Also, nobody likes him.

Capitol building by Seth Gaines