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Watchoo Talking About, Chicagoans?

By Margaret Lyons in News on Nov 29, 2007 9:53PM


We got an e-mail today from a national travel magazine fact-checker wondering about local lingo. Some of the terms are definitely things we're familiar with, but..."the prairie"? Huh. Let 'er rip, cats and kittens.

  • Would you agree that while the term "Chi-Town" means "Chicago," it's rarely spoken by a resident?
  • Does the term "dees and doze guy" refer to a working class local who speaks with a Chicago accent?
  • Does the term "dragged through the garden" refer to a hot dog with all the trimmings: Mustard, relish, onion, sport peppers, tomato wedges, and dill pickle spear?
  • Does the term "Hizonner" refer to the mayor, usually the first Richard J. Daley but sometimes current Richard M. Daley?
  • Does the term "The Hawk" refer to the wind off Lake Michigan, especially in the winter?
  • Does the term "the prairie" refer to an empty city lot?
  • Is the term "Trixie" a derogatory term for pretty, shallow, upwardly mobile young women in the Lincoln Park neighborhood?
  • Is the term "Chads" a derogatory term for attractive, shallow, upwardly mobile young men in the Lincoln Park neighborhood?
  • Some of this list earns a hearty "hee."

    Any excuse to post an only-connect skyline shot