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News Briefs That Depress the Shit Out of Us

By Margaret Lyons in News on Nov 30, 2007 5:15PM


But there are a bunch of cute links at the bottom as a brain cleanser.

The body that washed up in Zion Wednesday has been IDed as missing kayaker Walter Doroba. The Gurnee man had been missing since October 28.

A three-year-old in Kenosha shot and killed himself while apparently playing with his mother's pistol, which she kept in her nightstand.

Sergio Chavez, 5, was killed when a television set fell on him in his family's South Side home. The police say it was an accident.

An 86-year-old woman on the South Side was scammed out of $9,000 by a con artist posing as a cop. "He told the woman the police were investigating bank fraud and asked her to withdraw $9,000 from her account to test the bank," which she did, and then gave him. " Morgan Park District Police Sgt. Mike Casey reminds us that, "no police agency would ever ask anyone to withdraw cash from a bank."

OK, take a deep breath and gird your loins for the all-local cute attack. Ready? Hit it.
He's wearing a hat! It's a pile of adorable dogs. Hey, that polar bear sure can jump. Speaking of bears, this baby loves the Bears. Who doesn't love getting tucked in? Baby squirrels...cute or freaky? Aw, a filthy, soaking wet pug. If this doesn't make you think, "You know what, having kids could kind of be fun," nothing will. Hedgehogs are having the best week ever. We've probably posted this before, but pooch carrying a Chicago flag still gets us. OK, ready to face the world again.

Moody photo by Joshua Mellin, whose pics we can't get enough of this week