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Reality Check: Where's Jon Bon When You Need Him?

By Olivia Leigh in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 30, 2007 5:00PM

rate_runway_02_403.jpgAfter rumors that Jon Bon Jovi would be the guest judge on last week's Project Runway proved to be false, with Sarah Jessica Parker filling the celebujudge role, Chicagoist was hoping that he might venture to show up on this week's episode. As Tim Gunn led the contestants onto a soundstage, we held out hope, but instead were treated to...Tiki Barber? Yes, the former NFL running back/Today Show correspondent was the challenge subject and guest judge, asking the designers to create an outfit for him to wear on the Today Show.

Unsurprisingly, the challenge was a bit of a dud. Needing to fit the conservative, newsy vibe of early morning news, designers were left with little room to create something incredibly intriguing, instead having to make basic pieces with a little flair. When the time came to show the designs, many of the designers exhibited a serious lack of menswear know-how. (Here's a tip from rabid viewers, contestants: if you are on Project Runway, you may very well be asked to create a menswear piece. Before dashing off to New York, practice making a basic pair of men's pants and a shirt [same goes for you with pastry, Top Chef contestants.].) "Sweet P" showed a tragically executed dress shirt with a ridiculously long tie; Ricky "Oh, How I Love a Mesh Cap" Lizade had his model walk with pins holding up hems; and Carmen "Like the Opera" Webb "like the baller" used a scarf instead of a shirt under a grossly short zip jacket (left), adding a preposterous hat for good measure. [Ed. note: So fug I almost died. Holy eff.]

Jack, who we learned is HIV-positive, handily won the challenge by playing it safe, opting to expertly tailor a shirt and pair of pants instead of fussing with three items. Last week's winner and UofC-er, Victorya, made it to the next round with her East Coasty white and blue ensemble, while our MSI boy Steven continued to coast through the middle with a bookish artist look.

What's cooking in Tyraland?

Over on America's Next Top Model, the pack got whittled to the final four. When the ax was dropped, yelps were heard all across America, as obvious winner and Valpo native Heather got the boot. Yes, we know her she has Auspergers, and yes, that made her a little awkward when talking to people, and yes, we know she ended up getting terribly lost on the streets of Shanghai, and yes, we know that she totally flubbed that Cover Girl commercial. But come on, ANTM, in the words of your own leader, the girl was fierce! Sigh. Just keep on throwing out the obvious winners, Tyra. Seems to be working out well for your plan to create a real "top model."Seeing as how we spotted last year's champ, Jaslene, dining at the Hollywood Grill at 3 a.m. last Saturday, we can't imagine Heather can't find the success she deserves on her own. [Ed. note: Jaslene did look fantastic, if a tiny bit drag-y. Perfect skin and hair though, wowza.]