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A Magical Place of Camp

By Tim State in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 1, 2007 6:27PM

12-01-07_xanadu.jpgWe’re dusting off our roller skates and sprinkling some glitter on them. We’re going to a place where nobody dared to go. The love. The echos of long ago. You need the world to know They are in Xanadu. Tonight, one night only, it’s Sing-along Xanadu at the Music Box Theatre for the midnight movie. Start warming up your vocal cords while practicing backwards, forward, and couples.

Host Dick O’Day and members of Hell in a Handbag productions take folks on A Fantasy, A Musical, A Place Where Dreams Come True. (And when the host’s website makes it appear sing-along Xanadu is the only thing he does, it’s gonna be good.) Olivia Newton-John starts as as a Greek muse sent to Earth to help men achieve. One man she encounters, an artist named Sonny is inspired to build a huge disco roller rink.

It’s All Skate tonight, people. You can find the lyrics on the Web in case you need a refresher. Saturday night hasn’t been this much fun since the days of the Rainbow Roller Rink.

Image via the Music Box Theatre.