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Shiiiiiit, Things Are Awesome

By Margaret Lyons in Miscellaneous on Dec 3, 2007 6:44PM

2007_12_3.lifeless.jpgWe usually wait until later in the day to post things that are awesome, but the Sun-Times says today's weather is "lifeless." Maybe everybody just needs an injection of stuff that doesn't suck.

We're gaga for dinosaurs, so news of this mumified dinosaur made our nerd senses tingle. Even better? Phil Manning, a paleontologist at England's University of Manchester who is leading the examination, told Wired, "When I first saw it in the field, (I thought) 'Shiiiit, that's a really well preserved dinosaur.'" Maaahahaha.

Combining even more things we're obsessed with, old-timey typesetting and creatively foul language, comes this unusual specimen of sports memorabilia. It's a warning to baseball players from 1898 about cursing, and it includes a pretty fantastic list of offending phrases heard on the ballfield. "I'll make you suck my ass" is our favorite. Everything old is new again!

A feral cat with a jar stuck on its head survived for 19 days until a concerned family rescued it. We really and truly love the line at the end: "The cat may have lived off of its excess fat."

Someone complained about pugs being er, fugs the other day, and to that we say are you made of stone?! Reindogs is the least botanic, most fantastic idea the Botanic Gardens has ever had.

Both Pantagrapher and Thee Erin both caught some people dozing on the El recently. Heh.