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Because the City Is So Different When You Are Attached

By Laura Oppenheimer in News on Dec 4, 2007 6:19PM

Listen up all you single residents of Chicago: Andy Eliason, of The Canadian, "Canada's new socially progressive and cross-cultural national newspaper," has some dating advice for you in his piece, "Things to do when you are single in Chicago." He says if you are single in Chicago, the first thing you need to do is "find someone else who happens to be single in Chicago, and you have to be willing to take the steps to meet them and take them out into the town to experience everything the Chicago dating scene has to offer." His advice for finding this special someone? A little thing he likes to call online dating.

2007_12_navypier.jpgWe aren't quite sure why our Northern friends are so interested in helping the single denizens of the city out, but Andy seems to be really gung-ho about Chicago singles and Chicago attractions. According to him (no statistics to back this one up) "the Chicago online dating community is one of the best in the country" (ed: the U.S.? Canada?). He recommends that once you find this special someone, you head out and see the sights because, "when you're single in Chicago you have a very singular opportunity to experience activities, music, cuisine and a world of other possibilities that singles in other cities will never know."

You know, like Millennium Park, Navy Pier and the Sears Tower. Attractions that are unwelcoming to those of us with the big scarlet S attached to our Bears and Cubs t-shirts.

We hear you. Chicago has great touristy things to do. We know, because we live here and we've done them all. We can tell you that you can visit these sights single, or attached; either way, you'll still want to shoot yourself when you get to Navy Pier. It's just the way things are. In the meantime, Andy, you might want to get back to checking your profile. We're sure with your stellar date ideas, you'll have the ladies lined up in no time!