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Neighborhood-Inclined Shovel, Walk

By Margaret Lyons in Miscellaneous on Dec 7, 2007 5:34PM


As Frank Burns says, it's nice to be nice to the nice. And it seems like people are getting on the kindness bandwagon today. First the Neighbors Project wants us to give out thank you for shoveling cards. The folks at NP will send you free postcards to pass out to your shovel-inclined neighbors to thank them for their magnificent de-snowing skills — and it's also a way to shame your blockmates into clearing a path for you. Mr. Rogers would be proud.

In other nice-idea news, the Center for Neighborhood Technology wants us to remember that "walking is the most common, healthy and affordable way to get around" with their guide to being a pedestrian [.pdf]. According to the walking manual, you should only cross the street after looking both ways and then back the first way again, and drivers should "exercise 'due care' to avoid hitting pedestrians, regardless of right-of-way."

That's the postcard from the Neighbors Project.