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Extra, Extra

By Tankboy in News on Dec 11, 2007 12:46AM


We'd just like to point out that for the price of one Hannah Montana ticket, you could feed a starving indie rock band for a year. For reals.

Conrad Black got a 6 1/2 year sentence today. Oddly enough, we're not feeling sorry for him.

Cheryl Lavin continues to dispense awesome advice. In this case she tells a woman who is upset at only having sex 4 times a week to tell her boyfriend to give up porn. Only 4 times a week, huh? Yeah, that porn is really affecting his sex drive.

Union problems might force this holiday season to be somewhat dry? So let us get this straight, they're taking away our smoking in January and now they're telling us we may not be able to get drunk enough to deal with our families. Daley, we thought this was the city that works! Sheesh.

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