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Gold Coast Woman: The Latin School Is Great...For Me To (Throw) Poop On

By Margaret Lyons in News on Dec 12, 2007 10:05PM


Well, we didn't set out to have a fecal-theme day, but when it rains (poop), it pours (dog poop). A Gold Coast grandmother was fined $400 this week for flinging dog crap at the Latin School. Strange but true!

What would prompt such an act? "I had just had it with Latin," she said. Kass works for CPS and is also minister, according to the Pioneer Local.


[She says she] "just got tired of Latin dumping on the neighborhood." The school has been at odds with some neighbors over its contract with the Chicago Park District to build a $2 million soccer field in the south end of Lincoln Park. (A few members of the newly-formed Committee to Keep Lincoln Park Public--an ad hoc group fighting the Latin field--also showed up to support Kass).

So instead of throwing the bag in the garbage--which Kass usually does she decided to do a little dumping herself.

"I did not open the bag, I just placed it over the fence," said Kass, adding that she is a regular neighborhood dog poop cleaner upper.

Before she could make her escape, Latin security apprehended her. Kass says she just dropped the bag of dogshit over the fence, but the pictures tell a different story. (All the annotations are [from a tipster], btw.) A different, gross story.

The rest of the pics are below...


Moral of the story: Don't throw shit, unless you want to pay a $400 fine, a $40 hearing fee, and cough up $500 for a lawyer.