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Extra, Extra

By Margaret Lyons in News on Dec 15, 2007 12:10AM


Thee Erin's title and caption for her photo, above, absolutely slays us: "'When did we become a civilization that dressed for the crowd and not for the individual?' 'Speak for yourself Bob. I taped my ankles.'" Wonderful.

"...a masterwork of nausea that is only matched by the breakfast burrito and whiskey sour I enjoyed to prepare for this competition." Joshua Allen provided the commentary for today's dizzying round of Layer Tennis.

The CTA workers who were planning a job action for Monday have called it off; crappy service will be uninterrupted.

So we pretty much write this ever day in Extra, Extra, and we're going to be saying it constantly until, say, April, but it's going to snow this weekend.

You know what else we write every day? Sure you do. Mike Madigan and Rod Blagojevich continue to disappoint and fail us, this time because Madigan called off a legislative session. But he called it off because Blago wouldn't do what he wanted. Can't you two just have a slap fight or whatever and move on?

A man who was trying to plead guilty and accept the death penalty killed himself in prison today.

Our sister/brother site Houstonist has a gift guide all their own.

A Nebraska man volunteered to dive into sewage to fix a broken valve. Dave Lemberg spent 20 minutes submerged in sewage 15 feet deep. "Lemburg said even diving for bodies did not compare to this mission." Wow.

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