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Stevewatch: Gmail is Fine

By Tankboy in Miscellaneous on Dec 14, 2007 8:29PM

2007_111_stevewatch.jpgToday Steve Johnson decided to gripe about Google's request for Gmail stories about users' experiences with the service. We actually have to admit we were with Johnson for most of his piece, since the idea of people having Gmail stories worth sharing seemed pretty dubious. What, are you going to go over how you chatted with you future mate through Gtalk? Or how you couldn't remember where that really rad party was happening so you used Gmail's search function to suss out the original email invite amongst the 15,456 other messages in your archived folder?

So, like we said, we were with Steve. We were almost willing to forgive him for his unbelievably tactless observations regarding Jennifer Love Hewitt's ass. And then he dropped this line regarding Google's exhortation for user tales on us.

Google is kidding itself. People don't organize around a service.

Um, yeah, no one organizes around a service. That's why MySpace is such an utter and complete failure. And Digg. And Flickr. And so on.

Could someone please tell us why this guy is collecting a paycheck as an Internet critic when he continues to display such stunning cluelessness about the basic nature of the medium he's covering?