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Oprah Watch

By Margaret Hicks in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 16, 2007 9:38PM

It's another big week for Oprah. Oprah has a new reality show in the works. She's planning a film version of the stage version of the film version of the book "The Color Purple." She went to the premiere of her movie, "The Great Debaters" with Denzel, and best of all, Oprah's been fugged.

Her first couple of shows were reruns this week. On Monday's show we only giggled a few times during Criss Angel's performance. After googling Angel, we not only found this video of Angel trying to fuck with old-timer Uri Geller, but we also found this beauty of a video with Angel singing some sweet metal songs whilst doing all sorts of sexy magic tricks. Double hee.

Thursday Oprah was back with an all-new show. We thought she looked pretty good actually--refreshed and energized and only slightly manic. Her first guest, Priscilla Dunstan, claims she has a photographic memory for sound (no, we’re not sure how that works either), and that this talent has allowed her to hear five universal sounds in infants regardless of gender or race . She claims these sounds come from physical reflexes the babies have. For example “neh” means “hungry." The neh sound comes from the baby attempting to suckle. We’re curious: have any mothers out there tried this? If you are a new mom, will you see if it works?

rachaelray12_16_07.JPGAlso on that show, the boy who could see by clicking or echo location, who was awesome.

Friday’s show was an “easy party planning session” with Rachael “Man Hands” Ray. We didn’t think it seemed so easy to have a special manned bar location right by the door in addition to your other manned bar location. Or to have a thousand tons of food, Polaroid cameras, and a special martini station. We were very impressed when Ray told us she makes things easier by buying biscuits. Oh, okay yeah, that’ll help a lot. Thanks a lot, Man Hands.

We thought the show was a wash until Oprah brought out her old friend Roger Ebert. Many years ago Oprah and Roger went on a “date” and Ebert encouraged her to go into syndication. It was nice to see him and funny to hear he and Winfrey talk about the old days. Ebert eventually wrote his side of the story.

Oz12_16_087.jpgMonday is another Dr. Oz question and answer session. Our next question for Dr. Oz is “Would you please put some socks on, please?"

Email blast of the week: Oprah wants us to “Let the hot air out of the self-esteem balloon.” Um, okay, we'll get right on that. As soon as we figure out what it means.