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The Reign of Neckbeard II Begins Tonight

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Dec 17, 2007 3:20PM

Tonight, as the Bears take the field against the Minnesota Vikings, we get to witness the beginning of the second reign of Kyle Orton as Bears starting quarterback.

In 2005, Orton lead the Bears to a 10-5 record in his starts as a rookie. Much like a father handing over only the valet key when his teenage son wants to borrow the Porsche, the Bears turned over only a portion of the offensive playbook to him when we was handed over starting the job late in camp.

With three years under his belt, the Bears can feel secure enough now to turn over the entire playbook and let him loose. But will they allow him to run the no-huddle that Grossman and Griese had found some success with in recent weeks?

2007_12_sports_neckbeard_ar.jpgWhile Orton's second stint under center may last no more than three games, there are already some who are trying to ensure Orton remains in power of the offense. Chicagoist reader Chris Rogers and some friends have founded the Neckbeard Army, "In honor of the neckbeard-wearin', notoriously hard-drinkin' Kyle Orton returning to his rightful role as the Bears' starting QB this Monday night." Now this is an army in which Chicagoist would enlist.

Whether Kyle Orton remains in control, Sexy Rexy and his legions return to power in a coup, or an invasion from the east sends Orton retreating to the bench, he's already cemented his place for posterity as a member of Deadspin's Hall of Fame.

Photo via Chris Neckbeard