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Amy Jacobson: "I'm Fine. Thanks For Asking."

By Chuck Sudo in News on Dec 20, 2007 8:46PM

2007_07_anna_amy_growl.jpgWhen last we checked in on Amy Jacobson, things weren't going too well. She went from working the point on the biggest missing person story of the year (before Drew Peterson's skeeviness made Craig Stebic look like a paragon of virtue by comparison) to out of a job, all because of an "what the hell were you thinking?" decision to slip on a two-piece bathing suit, take the kids in tow to Stebic's house and work the case while unknowingly being filmed by CBS 2 cameras.

Longtime FOC'er Eric Zorn checks in on her today and posted the story on his Tribune blog. Jacobson says that in the fallout, she's only had interviews with local outlets in Tampa, St. Louis, Los Angeles and Phoenix and has spent what time she hasn't spent with her kids, worked part-time with a non-profit agency helping low income families with their tax problems, and now volunteers at that same agency and a homeless shelter.

In the meantime she helped out "friend" Erich "MangooMancow" Muller by sitting in as co-host for a Fox News Channel pilot Muller was taping, which might indicate she still makes some questionable choices (we kid... a little). But her first love, she says, is still television news reporting, and she longs to return to it. "Sure, I’d do things differently," she tells Zorn, "(b)ut I don’t want to go there. I’ve got to move forward."

Considering the charmed life Philadelphia anchorwoman Alycia Lane has been living recently, we certainly hope Jacobson finds a job soon, as well. At least Jacobson's transgressions pale in comparison.