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Dog Survives Cop Shooting Him In The Head

By Margaret Lyons in News on Jan 2, 2008 5:07PM

Hunter Podschwit is one lucky dog. Or one really unlucky dog, depending on how you look at it. Unlucky to be shot point-blank in the head by a police officer, certainly, but extremely lucky to survive the shooting, yes?

On Christmas Eve, one of Nancy Podschwit's West Chicago neighbors called the police, saying one of Podschwit's dogs had gotten past their electric fence. When police arrived, apparently one officer went to Podschwit's side door, where he encountered Hunter, a 5-year-old German shephard/lab mix.

"The dog approached him and it kept approaching," said Bruce Malkin, West Chicago deputy police chief. The officer "kept backing up. The dog kept approaching, like he was going to bite him."

The officer initially tried pepper spray, Malkin said. "I guess it had no effect. Then he had to resort to his service weapon."


The officer fired once at Hunter's head, but the bullet went through the dog's sinus cavity and out his right ear. Ayee. Police initially told Podschwit that her dog had died, but when she arrived at the vet to collect his dog-mains, she found him alive. His sinuses might be messed up, and his hearing in that ear may be affected, but otherwise the pooch is doing fine. Podschwit blames a "rookie" cop, has already been in touch with her lawyer, and hopes that the police will at least pay for Hunter's vet bills. [Daily Herald, CBS 2, S-T]

Photo via Best Friends Network