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By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 2, 2008 4:34PM


Clayton Hauck, Chicago's everywhere-at-once nightlife photographer, has released the results of a reader's poll he ran to discern which clubs, DJs, promoters, and bands are at the top of The People's list. It's hardly a scientific poll, and Hauck even admits that when it came to the promoter results there was probably more than a little ballot box stuffing, but we find it interesting as it functions as a good peek into the indie-rock dance micro-scene. And this is the scene, one could argue, driving the majority of the musically related social activity in our fair city these days, so we also find it interesting as an indicator of where things might be heading.

Some of the results are fairly obvious, with Sonotheque topping the list of best clubs, The Empty Bottle considered the best live music venue, and OFFICE emerging as the official band of the Cool Kid Nation. Some other results are sure to spark some lively discussion with Rodan edging out The Burlington as best bar (what?!) and Wicker Park voted "Best Neighborhood" (we say Logan Square all the way!).

You can view all the results here and debate their validity in our comments.

Photo by Clayton Hauck