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Get Out Your Home-Made Signs

By Alicia Dorr in News on Jan 2, 2008 9:24PM


If you are willing to brave crappy weather with your "Bush was right" or "Bush is a dope" signs, get ready: he's coming to town on Monday.

He’ll be in the windy city for the day to celebrate the anniversary of his signing the No Child Left Behind Act into law, and apparently to eat some pizza (Oh, Perino, you’re such a card). He will also be speaking to business leaders to discuss the economy.

The puppetmasters chose Chicago as the venue for the anniversary celebration because the city is seen as a prime example of the good the bill has done, which may or may not be totally untrue. Then, after much glad-handing, Mayor-Daley-high-fiving and pizza-eating in these parts, Bush will move on to the Middle East for an eight day tour. It's not exactly the warm-up you'd expect for someone who is going to promote peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, but, then again, it is Dubya.

2006 photo via The White House press office