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Mental Person Interested in Stacy Peterson Case

By Alicia Dorr in Miscellaneous on Jan 3, 2008 8:05PM

2008_1_3.kreskin.jpgEager to join everyone(in the media)'s search for the truth about Stacy Peterson, a celebrity mentalist has offered to lend his thought-reading abilities to the case.

The Amazing Kreskin, said he was interested in being involved just before delivering this knee-slapper: "This case is crying out for a breakthrough, and I don't have to be a thought reader to say that." At 73, the relatively dapper Kreskin is best known for a weekly TV program in the 70s and spots on radio and TV shows. His website boasts that he knows what we're thinking right now, which begs the question - why doesn't he know what Drew Peterson is thinking right now?

Regardless of who does and doesn't know Kreskin or what the hell a "mentalist" is, Illinois State Police say they aren't interested. Perhaps they would change their tune if he joined forces with other low-level celebrity mutants, like that lady who's always on Montel and John Edward from Crossing Over who used to guess letters in people's names [Ed. note: And is the biggest douche in the universe].