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Today's Awesome, Brought To You By A Desire For It To Be Saturday

By Margaret Lyons in Miscellaneous on Jan 4, 2008 9:31PM


Glamour mugshots are as amazing as they sound.

Who has a better primate picture: This AP photo of a papa marmoset? Or the Sun-Times's story on the stock-picking monkey? Those marmosets are cute and everything, but that monkey picks stocks.

Now this is a New Hampshire primary we can get into: Next Top Cat. What feline shall live atop Mount Washington? Did you know that Mt. Washington has some of the worst weather in the world? Oh, you did? Did you learn that from The Voyage of the Mimi? We did.

This might be the least mature link we ever post,'s Friday. Forgive us.

Dolly, a draught horse, survived in icy waters for two hours before she was rescued. She was walking across a frozen pond when she fell through the ice, and firefighters and rescue workers cut a 50-foot channel into the ice to save her.

Tired of putting on cold pajamas? The pajama warmer is here to help you. At first we thought that sounded so stupid, but then the idea of warm pajamas worked its way into our brain and now we can't stop thinking about how great that would feel. In-unit dryer, you exist in our dreams.

Thanks to Thee Erin, we now know what "tuckpointing" is, and everyone knows vocabulary is awesome