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Friday Morning Diversion(s)?

By Tankboy in Miscellaneous on Jan 4, 2008 5:10PM

So if Thursday is the (not-so) new Friday, that got us to thinking; most of you are in our spot, sitting at your desk, with the mildest of hangovers, kind of wishing you were nursing a mimosa instead of yet another stale cup of office coffee.

2008_01_nataliedee.jpgIn the Chicagoist offices we used to yodel Kelly Clarkson songs to blow off steam in the early a.m., but we stopped doing that after Margaret shoved a balled-up Styrofoam cup in our mouth and told us we sounded "like San-JA-ya, and would you please shut the FUCK up!" We still don't know what this Sanjaya is that she spoke of, but we have since stopped utilizing that particular early-morning therapy.

Since then, we have retreated to our iPod and relied on it to offer our aching heads solace on those early Friday morns, when our weekend has already received a jump-start the night before, and we're counting down the seconds until we can continue the revelry (or at least take a nip of the hair-of-the-dog without alerting Gothamist HR). And we have discovered that we often find comfort in the least likely of places. For instance, what are we listening to this morning? It's Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. Last week? The Eagles. And we are NOT fans of the Eagles, but for some reason they just do it for us when our senses are shot and we just need some driving background music to fuel our frazzled morning.

So, are you the same way? What helps you ward of the Friday morning blahs? Is it the unlikeliest of candidates, or is it the latest, greatest thing. Let us know ... we're alway open to new suggestions.

Image via Natalie Dee