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Putting the Hot Back in Hot Wings

By Laura Oppenheimer in Food on Jan 4, 2008 8:10PM

2008_1_4.redsavinapepper.jpgMetromix describes Jake Melnick's Corner Tap as "a casual neighborhood pub specializing in traditional American bar cuisine; burgers, salads and homestyle specials such as barbecued ribs and chicken." You know, like the typical, run-of-the-mill River North bar. But things are about to heat up (ha!) at 41 E. Superior St.

Starting on Thursday, Jake Melnick's will begin serving hot wings coated with Red Savina pepper — aka "Dominican Devil's Tongue Pepper" and holder of Guinness World Record for hottest pepper from 1994–2006. The pepper's heat has been measured at 577,000 scoville units (for comparison's sake, that's twice as hot as a habanero and 60 times hotter than a jalapeno).

The pepper sauce is so hot that before chowing down, diners will have to sign a waiver saying they won't sue if injuries ensue. Diners will also be outfitted with an alarm bell if they need to summon their server over for heat-reducing sour cream, milk, sugar or white bread.

Red Savinas by Buggolo.