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Oprah Watch

By Margaret Hicks in Miscellaneous on Jan 7, 2008 4:28PM

2008_1_7.oprahcat.jpgIt's been a slow couple of weeks on Oprah Watch. Even the great and powerful O needs to rest up. Her movie The Great Debaters is receiving positive reviews. Her candidate for president seems to be staying the course and her new reality TV show, Oprah's Big Give is right on schedule.

Since things are hunky dory in Oprah's universe, we thought we'd see what's going on outside her immediate realm. Local artist Robyn Okrant has come up with one of the most intriguing ideas ever. As of the first of the year, Robyn is going to live by Oprah's advice. Oprah says you MUST have tailored pants. Robyn will tailor her pants. Oprah says you MUST have this fancy bar soap, Robyn will get the bar soap. Robyn's openess and skepticism about Oprah and her philosophies provide a perfect balance. We'll see if she ends up spending all of her well-earned cash on tailored pants and LG refrigerators. Check out her blog, Living Oprah.

We also thought this look-alike was pretty funny...

Our friends at The Soup have put together a nice little Oprah compliation. Honestly, Joel McHale can do no wrong:

It looks like next week is another week of reruns, a little Dr. Oz, a little SJP selling her clothes. We're looking forward to some new eps, partly because of this email blast of the week "Do you smoke with a group of people?" Why yes Oprah, we do, mostly with the people that have the best stuff.