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SketchFest Friday, Part Deux

By Justin Sondak in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 12, 2008 4:48PM

25th Century Heroes

The L.A. trio presents an end of the world confessional as sketch tragicomedy. In Earth’s last half-hour, the Heroes debate which pop cultural touchstones deserve preservation as they assess their lives. The very personal material is wisely, honestly underplayed and, like their butchered Metallica lyrics, few matters receive a tidy resolution.

25th Century Heroes performs tonight at 8 p.m. in the North Theater

Keilly & Roeters

Experience counts, as if we needed reminding. Returning fest favs Suzanne Keilly & Kirsten Roeters (assisted by pal Ted Raimi) slice through the feminine mystique in a series of sophisticated volleys, skirmishes and cat fights. The incidental moments of their manic yet polished routines feature more gusto and wit than most sketch comics manage in an entire hour.

Here’s a glimpse at their 2007 set:

Keilly & Roeters performs tonight at 9 p.m. in the West Theater

Backpack Picnic

2008_01_backpack.jpgBackpack Picnic’s bio name checks Monty Python and Kids in the Hall. The kids from Austin aren’t quite there but, like their comedy idols, they leap into a surreal world leaning towards the entertaining and educational. They don't always click and their material's not for everyone, but they taught us:

-- Waiters secretly aspire to have their own waiters.
-- Even the gods recognize in animal kingdom showdowns: lava beats everything
-- Teens in the 80s needed more Lamborghini posters.

Backpack Picnic performs tonight at 10 p.m. in the West Theater


Silent comedy from the dudes in charge: SketchFest’s Executive Producer Brian Posen, Associate Producer Tim Soszko, and Technical Director Brian Peterlin. Their brand of gonzo physical comedy and gleefully subversive gags, featuring fun with tape measures and a cathartic scene of mass cell phone destruction, capped the evening perfectly.